"Warm Spirited Friend" by Bill Helin

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With our Native Art Collection, Kanata endeavors to capture both the traditional and contemporary designs of our artists with licensing programs that give back to the artist, the organization and the community.

This is an ideal way to celebrate any trip to the North West with an item that is unique to this region and carries much significance in the native community.

Bill Helin's tribute to the Spirit Bear in his painting titled
" Warm Spirited Friend" has been recreated in this soft faux fur throw, reversed with faux suede.
Faux fur: 100% acrylic.
Suede: 100% polyester

In native culture, there are many stories around the Spirit Bear and The “Spirit Bear” or “Ghost Bear” is one of the most sacred and blessed creatures in Tsimshian culture.

They are a symbol of peace and harmony to all creation and are born as the occasional white bear to reflect the same color of Raven, who was in the beginning created as a white bird until he was scorched by the sun in another legend.

The story of the Spirt bear is told in The Legend of Moksgm’ol- The Spirit of the Rainforest

The Tsimshian people believe in the legend of Moksgm’ol - the spirit of the rainforest. It is said in Tsimshian lore that the Creator, the Raven, decided to create a reminder of when the world was once covered with ice and snow. To do this, he was said to fly among the black and brown bear people and turn every tenth one white. He decreed that these bears would live in peace and harmony forever.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition to help preserve the Spirit Bear’s habitat.

Until the turn of the century, the Spirit Bear lived in virtual isolation, known only to the Tsimshian people and was believed by traders to be a misplaced polar bear.
In fact the Spirit Bear is a genetically unique subspecies of the North American black bear, which for unknown reasons, occurs only in one small corner of the world, in one small corner of British Columbia.
Today Spirit Bears are an endangered species, numbering only about 300.

About the artist:
Bill Helin ( WeLaaxum Yout ) was born in Prince Rupert, B.C. in 1960. His ancestry is Tsimshian Indian and Norwegian. Both Tsimshian Grandparents were Chiefs.

Bill's many masterpieces are found in collections around the world and have even traveled in outer space. His creative inspirations are portrayed in many different mediums and his designing/artistic abilities have no boundaries.

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Colours Available: Spirit Bear design(#20099)

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