The Safari Throw

SKU : 20419

These faux fur throws add a touch of the wild side to any decor, combining luxury with contemporary design and elegance. Plush micro fur is reversed with soft faux fur –it is impossible to resist running your hands over these sumptuous throws.

Stylish leopard and zebra prints and the Serengeti print offers a collection of animal designs; the ideal accents for any style.

Leopard print is reversed with beige micro fur.
Zebra and Serengeti prints are reversed with
black micro fur.

Packaged in vinyl zippered bag. Packaging options available. Where 2 sizes available - will be small size.

Care Instructions:
Cold wash, on gentle. Can be put in dryer - on gentle.

  1. Embroidery friendly (Hidden zipper for ease of embroidery)

  2. Patches (Plse note:will be sewn through both sides of blanket -cannot be sewn just through pocket)

Please note: Additional costs are associated with Customizations of items.

Price shown is for blank product only, please call a branding consultant for best decoration and packaging options and pricing.

Dimensions: 50x60 in, 127x152.4 cm

Colours Available: Zebra print with black micro fur(#20418), Serengeti print (collection of animal designs) with black micro fur(#20419), Leopard print with beige micro fur(#20417)


1 -4950 -100 100 -250 250 -250 
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